What would you wear to... Tea with the Queen?

When Mrs Dent and I start creating a collection, these are the questions we ask ourselves…......

‘What would you wear to tea with the Queen?’
‘What would you wear to your best friend’s wedding?’
‘What would you wear to accept your Oscar?’
‘What would you wear to work?’
What would you wear to the Chelsea Flower Show?’
‘What would you wear today?’

So in a series of ‘What would you wear?’ we will give you a helping hand in this extremely difficult decision making process.
Obviously the most important function to attend to is tea with the Queen.

Personally, I'm still awaiting an invitation, but always one to be prepared, the answer to this pressing question is this:

I am obviously presuming that the sun is shining, and that we will take tea on the terrace overlooking Her perfect garden.

This would probably be a sensible choice, I think She would approve.

I would explain that after tea I have to do a few errands at the farmer’s market and is there anything that Her Majesty would like me to pick up for Her?

I think She would admire this choice and undoubtedly ask if She could borrow my hat to shield her from the hot sun.

In the end, I decided this is exactly what I would wear because it is demure, different and a perfect representation of Cabbages & Roses. It is also made from re-cycled fabrics in London, not far from the Palace. 
It is perfect for all ages, all sizes and all occasions, especially tea with the Queen.

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xx C&R xx

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MyLittleBlueDog said...

Recycled fabric? Do tell...