Comfort & Joy No. 15 - The Linen Cupboard

Just like the wardrobe, a good clear out and tidy up of the linen cupboard does so much for morale, not to mention efficiency. 

As obvious as it may seem, divide the linen cupboard into well-labelled sections - it is something that will save so much time and encourage those with access to the cupboard to keep it as tidy as they found it. 

To distinguish between single, double, queen-size and king-size bed linen, create a colour-coded labelling system using coloured ribbon, braid or tape sewn onto each corner of the linen. A single corner is never enough because that will be the one neatly folded and hidden within the pile, and trying to get to it will cause chaos in the cupboard. 

If you have inherited beautiful linens but find they are never used, tie them up in a pile with ribbon. This neat, orderly and beautiful pile of linen will enhance the shelves and even if the rest of the cupboard falls into dissaray, the beribboned pile will remain stately and give the appearance of a well-ordered household. 

You can store scented soap in the linen cupboard so that the stacks of neatly folded sheets absorb a gentle soapy aroma.

To keep the cupboard smelling sweet and free from moths (although these should not be a problem if the linens are regularly washed and hung out to air), slip lavender bags into the piles.  

Lavender bags are also wonderful gifts, especially because they need refreshing regularly. Cut out large quantities of muslin squares, fill with dried lavender and tie the tops with ribbon. You can also put them in the pockets of clothing, both in the wardrobe and in storage to deter moths from setting up home.

Another miracle of nature is bicarbonate of soda. Most bicarbonate of soda is made from trona ore, mined from natural deposits throughout the world but predominantly found in Wyoming, USA. The number of uses are far too wide to list all of them but here are a few uses for this natural wonder instead of using a multitude of chemical cleaning products.

 Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over carpets to deodorize them. Leave for an hour then vacuum.

Add a pinch of bicarbonate of soda to cut flower water to keep it fresher for longer. 

 Soak dish cloths and flannels in a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda and water to freshen them up. 

To reduce the amount of washing powder used for each laundry load and to make it more effective, substitute half the normal dose with bicarbonate of soda. Washing powder compared to washing liquid contains far fewer chemicals than its liquid equivalents. 

To remove mattress stains, make a loose paste of bicarbonate of soda and water and apply to the stain. Leave it to dry so that the powder disperses into the mattress then brush it off. The bicarbonate of soda will also deodorize the mattress. 

To remove mildew growing on shower curtains, apply a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water. Leave it overnight and was it off the next day with warm water.

This is a series of extracts from the Cabbages & Roses Guide to Natural Housekeeping

xx C&R xx

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Tante Mali said...

It's not only the cupboard, it's the linen I love. Beautiful and yes thank you for your advices - I know some of these things because my mother told me :) Old knowlegde still works.
Beautiful blog!
Happy fall and all my best from Austria