Comfort & Joy - No.3 - Brook Cottage

Brook Cottage has been at the heart of Cabbages & Roses, and provided the kitchen table from which it started.

A constant in the ever changing world.   

The backdrop for many a shoot.

The centre of family life.

Star of many books.

And above all Home.

Merry Christmas from Brook Cottage.


Pauline Kick, Logement it Foarhûs said...

beautifull pictures. A happy christmis and a nice and good 2017 greetings, Pauline

Jane St Aubyn said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely Brook Cottage, I thought MY house looked beautifully understatedly Christmassy......until I saw the achingly lovely Brook, am rushing round ripping excess holly and ivy down ! HAPPY CHRISTMAS to everyone at the Beautiful Brook x x x x x

rose said...

Quelle douceur dans ce Noël à Brook Cottage! Merci pour ces belles images!