16 YEARS OF C&R - Behind the scenes, memories and looking towards our future

If 16 years ago we sat and wondered where we would be in 16 years' time; I think we would be delighted to see Cabbages & Roses today.  There have been 2 weddings, 2 grand children, Walter the Dog and Le Chat, more than a couple of hospital visits but the constant has been C&R.

When Christina was at a loss with the world in general, she decided to do what she does best - create something that would adhere to her moral and creative compass. 

Armed with her favourite things; cabbages, roses and her dear friend Brigitte they embarked on creating beautiful, vintage style, faded fabrics with the talented Louise Hatley underneath the railway arches in London Bridge. 

The fabric quickly turned into dresses, table cloths and any manner of things. 

Then a quilt showed up on Lizzie Jagger in Vogue. 

And then many years down the line Victoria Beckham was photographed in our lowly cotton simple shirt and trousers (sorry, we lost the other half of the spread!)

Followed by a rather historic inclusion on HRH Duchess of Cambridge in Vogue's Centenary edition- whom we recall was a breath of fresh air at the Jigsaw offices back in the day. 

We have been tiny, run from a kitchen table and photographed with a small digital camera on a FREEZING beach with 2 very gracious children - and of course Meggernie the dog, may she rest in peace. 

We have been terribly grown up, our 7 year partnership with Jigsaw resulted in us growing to fill 25 outlets across the UK - (which was a giant rollercoaster but an amazing experience nonetheless) and learning an awful lot about the things that grown up’s do such as merchandising reports and budgets.

We have been international, with an exact replica of 3 Langton Street appearing in Tokyo, not to forget working on a global Uniqlo collection!

We have travelled the world, from LA, Salt Lake City and New York to Tokyo to Hong Kong and everywhere in between. 

But we know that despite all the directions we have gone, places we have been and challenges we have faced, Cabbages & Roses has somehow managed to keep hold of its magic and its sensibility. 

We are a small, independent, family run business with a team of 15 people who work VERY hard to make the world a little bit lovelier, a little bit kinder, perhaps even a bit funnier? 

We don't sell things months before the season starts and then move onto the next season just when the weather allows us to use what we have just bought. And we certainly don't follow trends that become defunct as soon as you can start wearing them. In fact, looking back through our archive pictures, I think things we made 16 years ago are still beautiful today. 

Where we can, we support the talented British producers on our beautiful little island to make our collections. 

We look forward to growing large enough to use British knitwear makers for all our knits, not just our hand made ones. 

We look forward to working very hard in this coming year to save our precious resources and to be kinder to the environment. 

We still have a simple desire to create things that people will love for a very long time, not for a season or an event; to cherish enough to pass down to future generations. 

We still have a strong desire to look to time tested things of the past for inspiration, to be kind and genuine in the process of things, to look forward to a more beautiful future and to enjoy the present. 

I think that all the Cabbage Roses who have worked with Christina over the years and all the Cabbage Roses who have supported her & the company should be incredibly proud of this strange little entity we have all come to love. 

So happy birthday Cabbages & Roses and thank you Mama Cabbage for making it all possible! 


Susan said...

What a beautiful birthday message about c&r. Dreamy, romantic and happy always comes to mind when I thing of c&r! Besides the fact that I became a slobbering fan girl when I met Christina for the very first time (oh, to replay that moment and not be so blubbering) and how gracious she was while I blubbered on and on!! Thank you for creating such a gorgeous lifestyle in clothing and home, and blubbering or not, I appreciate you!

Mickey Robertson said...

Congratulations Cabbages & Roses....you continue to be a beacon of delight, romance and authenticity. Happy 16th Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Bon anniversaire de France à Cabbages and Roses! Merci de nous faire partager ces beaux moments et surtout restez fidèle à cette si jolie création!