Hues of French Blue


Shades of blue are inestimably varied from cool, icy hues to warm violets.
When we consider the psychology of colour, blue is often associated with feelings of calm and serenity, representing all that is secure and orderly.

A moodboard of French Blues.
Tones of great and teal, with an element of green mixed in.

Christina Strutt's book 'A Life in Fabric' 
celebrates every aspect of the unique Cabbages & Roses lifestyle.

Wallpapers in shades of blue have an instantly soothing effect that is smart, restful and reassuring.
Blending into the background but suggesting a subtle elegance.
Paris Rose works with any style of decor, from modern through to traditional.

Our French Blue fabrics have an air of peacefulness, as the designs subtly drawn with grey undertones that fade elegantly into the background.
Unassuming in their character, they are a natural choice for every room in the home. 

Gentle floral prints which are versatile designs that do not intrude or shout, yet the most elegant and accepting.
Whichever Cabbages & Roses fabric you choose for your curtains, you will discover they all have a peculiar English Beauty.  

xX C&R Xx

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