Mile Away Wear

Is there a more appropriate term to describe our lives in lockdown today?

This is a Japanese concept and describes the Cabbages & Roses collections that they make for us under license and sell throughout Japan.

   It is just what it says - home wear but perfectly acceptable to wear outside, up to a mile away from home. Thinking about it, it is a clever title and really needs no more explanation.

At Cabbages & Roses, we like to think that what we make will always be
interesting, beautifully made, and different - in a style that is unmistakably Cabbages & Roses.

Otherwise, we think, what would be the point??

The collection of our version of Mile Away /Stay At Home Wear is made from organic cotton jersey,

So comfortable, and very charming. All at a perfectly affordable price.

Here you will find your lockdown wardrobe for at home and a mile away.

For your on line ballet classes

For popping out to fetch the newspapers

For chatting to neighbours over the garden wall

Thursday Dress for Clapping for the NHS and ALL front line workers including
Teachers, cleaners, supermarket workers, bus and train drivers, journalists, IT workers,
Refuse collectors, Scientists, lab workers, home schoolers, MP's to name but a few

For pottering in the garden/balcony/breakfast at a sunny window
Friday dress when spring mornings are a bit chilly and home school needs to be taken seriously

For walking the dog/children/husband

For wearing under absolutely everything

For doing nothing at all on a warm day

For your Zoom call
Donna Dress
Organic A line T shirt in Grace
Head dress by Electric Daisy Flower Farm

For your essential shopping trip

For your daily walk. Cabbage Skirt &

For Yoga & Pilates

We will get through this meanwhile let us live life as beautifully as we possibly can at home.


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