The Autumn Collection

‘Christina Strutt designs clothes that are just the right side of fancy dress. Her tiny fashion label 
Cabbages & Roses, turns out clothes that work as an every day wardrobe - really they do - but they 
also make you feel as if you are in a film. Perhaps A Room With a View, or maybe Alice in 
Wonderland - the clothes have character and huge charm.’

 This is my favourite description of Cabbages & Roses clothes, and though I wouldn't say so myself, 

would have liked to. Thank you Katrina Burroughs.

Jemima coat in red cotton
Red cashmere Maclean sweater worn with the Melissa collared T-shirt coming soon.

It is, though, exactly what our new collection is, just the right side of fancy dress, clothes to

watch the new film 'Little Women' in, or perhaps to stride across muddy fields, or to turn heads on 

the bus whilst walking up The Kings Road.

Swirly Panel Coat in pink houndstooth tweed
worn with  matching Tati trousers coming soon &
Maclean sweater in green marle

We have always said, there is no point in producing clothes that mimic others, that you could

buy much more cheaply elsewhere. We want to create an air of practical whimsy where you

can dress up or dress down as the mood takes you. As I write, the new collection is being cut and 

sewn and delivered, bit by bit.

A collection full of colour, romance and beautiful practicality

of daytime delights and night time charm 
Faversham Skirt & Nicholas Shirt coming soon

Priory Kilt coming soon with Hamish sweater
Hamish sweater in cashmere mix
of classic clothes to be worn a lifetime or two

Cashmere Laurie sweaters
Joseph Fairisle Vest worn with the Patrick shirt and red cord Tati Trousers coming soon

We have delicious old fashioned brushed Shetland sweaters

(Cordelia Jacket coming soon)

clothes full of charming detail

 To brighten the gloomiest of days

Philly Dress & Patrick Shirt coming soon

to mix and mis-match
Square collared T shirt with Appollo Dress coming soon

All our clothes are stitched in England, in small quantities. This is just

a little sample of what is coming, little by little throughout the season.

If there is anything here that you would like to own, we highly

recommend that you put your name on the waiting list.

More next week........xx

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