Chequered Splendour

Alderney Velvet Fabric
Coming Soon

Although we are very grateful for the magnificent summer we

have just basked in, I for one will be much looking

forward to being cold.  In a perfect world, summers will be warm 

and sunny, autumn will be cold and sunny, and

winter will be even colder, perhaps with neat snow at the 

weekends, and continue with crisp blue skies through the week.

I can’t wait to be wearing this delight…...for the days before a coat

 is necessary.

And this perfect frock to dress up or dress down and to be perfectly

 autumn-ley cosy…..

All you need to complete your autumn wardrobe is a pair of black

 skinny jeans and a chilly morning.

Made from deliciously soft brushed cotton, warm enough for a cold

 autumn morning.

Cool enough for an Indian Summer, British weather, we are ready

for you.

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