How To Create a Beautiful Photograph


Today we live in a world where taking photographs and uploading them has become a popular way of documenting our day to day lives. With over 1.8 billion new photos uploaded to the internet each day, we thought we would share our tips and tricks to create the perfect image.

Tip 1- Inspiration. 

Our very first tip and the most important step to start would be to always gather inspiration. Keep a box with cuttings from magazines or of anything that might inspire you when the time is right.  

We have also become very fond of Pinterest at C&R. A tool which allows you to categorise images and ideas by making personal mood boards. 

Tip 2- Find your location

Although a very simple tip - your location is very important. Whether it be on your kitchen table or in a muddy field on a misty morning, always ensure natural light is available wherever you stumble upon. 

For instance, by a window will allow lots of natural light to flood through.

Tip 3- Time and Day

It is encouraged to take your photograph on a day when the sun doesnt quite make it through the clouds, it gives a perfect ambience in the light. We also love to shoot in the golden hour or sometimes known as the magic hour. The period shortly after sunrise or before sunset is rather spectacular.

 Tip 4- Subject.
Pick your subject on what you feel inspired by and what reflects your nature, whether it be a landscape, fashion or food. Always try to avoid fuss in order to allow your photograph to have a clear point of interest. As said many times, less is most definitely more.

Tip 5- Perspective and Composition.  

Two core values within photography whereby you will draw your viewers in. As Ansel Adames once said, a good photograph is knowing where to stand. 

Take lots of photos and while doing so, ensure to shoot straight on, from above or even perhaps to the side. A blank wall or the sky gives opportunity to work with the negative space that surrounds your subject. 

Tip 6- Editing.

The finishing touch. Although not always essential, sometimes a small increase in exposure/contrast makes an enormous difference. We recommend using apps such as VSCOCAM or even the Instagram app editing tools. Avoid using filters that distort the natural colours of your image.

Practice makes perfect.


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barneysgirl said...

your pictures are so gorgeous belle~you have a real eye for capturing beautiful images~thank you for sharing part of your technique it was very interesting~