Comfort & Joy No. 5 - Winter Cleaning

Blog by Violet Buchanan


There is no greater feeling than coming home to a perfectly organized, clean and calm home. 

This year we have decided that spring is no longer the best time to create this magical feeling and have found that a winter de-clutter-deep-clean makes much more sense.

The Spring Clean has been passed on from our Victorian forebears who thoroughly cleaned their homes in spring due to their coal and wood burning fires that over the course of winter would cause soot and ash to cover their rugs, tapestries, upholstery and generally make their homes dark and dusty. 

Once spring arrived and the sun started to shine through sooty windows it was necessary to get the rugs and linens washed, dried and put away and clean the house top to toe in time for summer.

Today we no longer have such an urgency to clean in spring and when those first rays of sun finally  arrive we want to be outside enjoying a new season rather than being cooped up indoors cleaning.

It is also of note that in Winter, more than any other season, home is where you are the most.

Therefore, what better time to make your home a sanctuary, a beautifully clean and orderly place.

As December is usually too full of Christmas activity, we have set our sights on January. After the mayhem of Christmas - when your home tends to become lost beneath a pile of people, presents, wrapping and ribbons.


NO 1


It has been said that tidying up is a form of self-respect, that taking care of your space, respecting your belongings and knowing where everything is shows self-worth. With that in mind plan ahead and set time aside.

NO 2


If you have read Marie Kondo’s book; The life-changing magic of tidying up, you will be familiar with working in Categories rather than rooms. This is tried and tested and by far the most efficient way to start. For example when organizing your clothes, compile every garment you own to one place as this will allow you to see exactly what you have and understand the volume you are dealing with for each category.

Wardrobe de-cluttering can be very daunting but once you get started it is incredibly cleansing. The general rule is if you haven’t worn it for two years you probably don’t need it (unless it is made of a fabric so exquisite that simply seeing it brings you delight, in which case hang it on the back of a door or have it on display somehow so it has a purpose). 

The rule quality over quantity is also a very important one to bear in mind, pilling jumpers and moth holes go in the bin please.

NO 3


Do not keep things you don’t completely love. If you won’t miss it, give it away or recycle it. 

We all have a tendency to hoard bits and bobs that simply make our shelves look pretty - as long as the things you are keeping bring you joy and are well looked after, they will be the objects that make up your home.

NO 4


After the de-cluttering and organizing comes the cleaning; the final step to happiness. For this part you should work room by room starting with bedrooms and ending with the Kitchen. This is mainly because when you have finished you can make yourself a snack because you deserve it.

For a sparkling deep clean there is no need for harsh chemicals; in fact bicarbonate of soda and distilled white vinegar is stronger than most over the counter cleaners.

Christina Strutt; our wonderful creative director and founder of Cabbages & Roses wrote a marvelous book called A Guide To Natural Housekeeping. It will teach you everything from how to make jam to cleaning without chemicals and we swear by it.

NO 5


Once you have created your shiny new home you will be feeling refreshed, renewed and calmer. You will wake up surrounded by things that bring you joy, open a wardrobe full of clothes that make you happy and realize you have mastered the art of #livinglifebeautifully


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CVJenks said...

Just reading Marie Kondo's book, I hope this will be the year that I will master a thorough de clutter, fingers crossed....!