Where our clothes come from

Sketches by Christina Strutt, edited by Roselle Fox
Late(ish) as we always are, we thought we would show you where our clothes actually come from.

Here are some sketches which were the beginning of each piece of clothing that we are currently busy cutting, stitching, assembling, delivering, photographing.

Everything starts from a sketch. Each sketch is neatly pinned onto a giant pin board. 

Gradually the sketches are paired up with the fabrics, buttons and trims are sourced and added. After a while we have a wall full of swatches, samples, various fabrics we have designed and sampled and sampled and sampled to get them just right.

Dresses are added, skirts taken down, our favorite pieces from seasons past added until there is  something so beautiful that we have to make another hard decision about what we cannot make - finally we have a collection to turn into patterns, and from these patterns we make up samples.

The most beautiful of which form our new collection. 

C&R xx

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Susan said...

It's so fascinating to see your process from inspiration to actuality. Please show us this more often! You should consider making a short film/documentary.