A most excellent photographer

Claudia Legge photographs for the Cabbages & Roses AW16 campaign

As we proudly show off our new campaign shots, we thought we would introduce you to the talented Claudia Legge who photographed our AW16 campaign. 

As her website  describes:-  

Claudia shoots primarily in and under water. Aquatic photography is her passion and the cornerstone of her provocative style. 

She explains: “I am trying to expose the subtlety of movement using the way that light is refracted through water to create a tension between image and impression.’

We thought she was perfectly fitted to work with the contrast of light and darkness, heavy wool and light voile; cashmere and tweed - for our AW campaign. 

i-D Magazine cites that 'Claudia's work never fails to amaze' and she has been hailed by MTV as 'A young photographer taking the world by storm; one snap at a time’

 We are delighted to announce a 2 day exhibition at Sydney Street showcasing limited edition prints from the 20th - 21st  October - Cabbages & Roses will be hosting a party to celebrate on the evening of the 20th October. 

More details will follow on our social channels. 

Claudia has exhibited her photography in the UK, New York and Paris and has photographed all over the world.

Here is our interview with her

If you didn’t do what you do – what would you like to be – anything in the world?

Make beautiful things out of metal.

Your earliest memory?

Feeding ducks by a pond

Your proudest moment?

First exhibition and selling lots of prints
Your last supper?


Your perfect dinner guests – dead or alive – you can choose 8

Stephen Fry
Johnny Depp
Barbara Cartland
David Attenborough
The Queen
Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Lolo Ferrari
The naughtiest thing you did at school?

Chuck a water bomb at a teacher

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Kate Hudson

Desert island luxury?

Diving equipment 

Desert island discs – you can choose 4

Rolling stones
Bob Marly
The Specials
Marvin Gaye

Your perfect husband – dead or alive? 

Gary Dourdan

 The kindest thing you have ever done?

I try and be kind to everyone, always!

What annoys you most in the whole world? 4 things

Cheese not melting fast enough
Organized fun
Bad weather
What makes you happiest?

Shooting things I love and watching trashy movies at home by the fire.

The best garden you have ever made?

I’m still waiting to discover my green fingers

If you could live anywhere in the world – where would it be?


If you had a credit note for £5,000 which shop would you like it to be with?

Calumet Photographic

Lunch or supper?


Chocolate or vegetables?


Films or books?


Clothes or home wear?


Sea or mountains?


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