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Christmas with Cabbages 


Since a young age we, being Milly and Amelia the founders of Olive & Co, have been enamoured with the classic floral motifs synonymous with Cabbages & Roses. With Milly’s mother personally knowing Christina; adorning their family home with a vast array of cherished linens; and with British model Milly shooting one of her first ever photoshoots for Cabbages & Roses, it has made for a very special collaboration. 


The conception of Olive & Co came from having always been awe inspired by the beauty in nature and how it permeates our everyday lives; culture; and style. For us, to create a wonderful ambience whether it be for a cosy supper or a more lavish Christmas dinner, is paramount as it enhances these special moments; after all, we are products of our environment.  


This year has been hugely bizarre for all of us and not one that anyone could have anticipated. With the welcome distraction of fairy lights and festive cheer, we decided to embrace delicate florals, dusty pinks and end the year on a whimsical note.  


Having reached out to Christina, to see if we could feature her elegant linens in curating a Christmas tablescape, she generously responded by sending us a bundle of charming tablecloths and napkins from their collection: Christmas came early!


It was very difficult for us to choose a favourite; however, we finally agreed on two different looks: the first being a darling combination of purple and pink floral bouquets seen on Tulips & Roses and the second, an equally enchanting raspberry Hatley print on natural linen. Embracing British eccentricity is at the heart of Cabbages & Roses and we immensely enjoyed indulging our playful side with eclectic glassware, tumbling foliage around the table and delicate napkin details. 


The collaboration with Cabbages & Roses was a natural fit for Olive & Co, with the shared ethos of both businesses collectively being focused on making something beautiful yet unfussy, to be incorporated into everyday living. Much like Cabbages & Roses, we are focused on curating a lifestyle rather than a brand: we very much believe that everyday is exquisite and therefore the things we surround ourselves with should be too.


We hope you love our Christmas with Cabbages, we can’t wait to see how you style yours!




Olive & Co xx

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