It is no secret that Cabbages & Roses has been having a love affair with tartan since our conception in the year 2000.  

Our seasonal trips to Scotland only increased our desire to bring the highlands to the city, and from the city to the countryside.

The earliest evidence of tartan is surprisingly, as early as 1440 BC as this charming drawing, made of

a tiny stone encrusted sealstone, measuring only 3.6cm long, shows.

It was found inside a Bronze Age warrior’s tomb outside the ancient Greek city of Pylos,
dated 1440 BC.

Excuse the gory detail, but concentrate instead on the charming loin cloths, most
definitely in a tartan style.

Fast forward 3,460 years, and here we are producing our own tartan in a family

owned mill on the Scottish borders.

Made on original looms, the wool threads go through many processes.

Not least hand checking every inch for loose threads, which are hand sewn
back into the cloth.

Before it is made into Cabbages & Roses unique clothing.

The Howard Coat worn over the Tia Dress.

Back Detail of The Howard Coat

The Fern Dress. 
A perfect day dress.

Or the Budapest dress with Velvet  detachable collar.

Here is Posy worn with the Cordelia Jacket.

The Fern dress in British wool tartan and also in British navy cotton Drill.

Our tartan creations will be arriving throughout the winter season and as
you know, all our clothing is made in limited quantities, so if there is
something you would like to own, contact us to be placed on the waiting list.

By Tobias Blake, Cabbaes & Roses Intern 2019


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