Most fashion companies are photographing their winter campaign now. We are too. However we are approximately a year late in terms of the norm. The thing is, we are actually right on time, as this week is the first cold week we have had since last March, so we think that our winter collection, arriving bit by bit, week by week, is perfectly timed.

An enormous amount of work is involved in making campaign images, especially when you are a tiny company working on a shoe string, with just two or three able bodies (one of them quite old) moving furniture and greenery around the country.

Added to which, we had fully expected to be residing in our (soon to be) beautiful shop in Somerset. The photography was to be done at The Priory, a lovely 18th Century house nearby. Sadly the shop was not ready, The Priory had become a warehouse and we lost our location. But not ones to be deterred by a leaking roof, builders rubble and an un-heatable space, we made the shop the most beautiful set with the help of a mass of moss, and not a little eccentric imagination.

We scrubbed and cleaned and transformed the space from this

to this

from this to 


and this

to this.     

as you can see, our shop will one day be quite beautiful

We actually can't wait for our shop to be ready

and to let our imaginations run wild

But while we wait for the leaking ceiling to be fixed we are dreaming of opening our
huge space in Shepton Mallet and instead of filling our shop with the beauties
we have created, for the moment it will be our lovely shop in Midhurst and our
website that will, slowly but surely be filled with perfect wintery clothing.

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