Factory Life

We have often said, and indeed we make it one of our priorities in our business life, 
that we treat our makers and manufacturers properly, paying them a living wage and
making sure their working environment is a happy one.

It is a constant worry
that we may be one of those unprincipled companies who blithely continue to work with
factories, oblivious to the conditions the sewers spend most of their working lives in.

So, we visited the factory which makes all of our clothes as we do a few times each season to see how everyone is getting along.

So that you can see where each carefully crafted piece is made.

Sadly all the sewing people had left for the night, we were very very late.

But this is what greeted us. Our beautiful British made tweed in little
intricate pieces on various sewing tables throughout the factory.

If I lived in London, and if I could sew I would be very happy to be
working here in this lovely light filled factory, with a view of tree tops and making
beautiful Cabbages & Roses clothes.

So if you were ever in doubt; you can now know that your beautiful
clothes were made in a beautiful place, by no doubt, beautiful people 
(certainly they are clever people).

Thank you for reading.

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