Where We Meet Molly Mahon

We were thrilled to collaborate with the esteemed textile designer, Molly Mahon, on a capsule

collection of summer clothing. Clothes that remind me of my childhood, where the summer 

heralded the re-aquaintance of the wardrobe that had been put away for the winter months. Where 

the coveted frocks and skirts once worn by my older sibling would now be mine. Molly's sunshine 

print in glorious yellow with pink and white stars, feels like it has just been retrieved from the 

summer suitcase. Inspired by the great outdoors, from the undulating fields of Somerset to the 

cacophony of colour in Rajisthan - there is a wonderful synergy that crosses borders and reveals the 

charms of a life in colour.

The incredible journey our fabric has made is immortalised in the wonderful

photographs taken by Molly on her trip to supervise its printing.

I asked Molly some questions so we could find out more about her.

Q:  How did your love of block printing begin?

A:  From the very first time I put block to paper at a printing workshop I was smitten.

Q:At what point did it become the business we know today?

A:   I think when Helen from Tissue D’Helene agreed to carry my first fabric collection. That was a 

big moment for me.

Molly wearing vintage Cabbages & Roses
Q:  How do you juggle home life and being a mother and wife with running a business?

A:  Literally by juggling! It's not always easy and certainly there is never a dull moment and not very 

much food in the fridge, but I am lucky in that my work is creative. My children can't always tell 

the difference between Mummy working and Mummy being Mummy. 

The divine Willie dress with Molly's sunshine cotton skirt

Q:  If you didn’t do what you do, what would you like to have been?

A:  A hillside sheep farmer in Scotland!

Q:  In a sentence, can you sum up what Cabbages & Roses means to you?

A:  I remember racing to the new store behind Wandsworth to buy boxes and duvet covers – that 

must have been years ago. I still cherish and love both those things. For me it was nostalgic, 

romantic, cool and unique. All the things I would like MM to be. Sorry that wasn’t a sentence!

Molly Mahon's Oak leaf and Acorn print

Q:  Do you have a favourite MM print?

A:  Yes, my Oak leaf and acorn print. I adore the culmination of the strong symbolic British Oak 

with the hand carved block and printing technique of India. It’s the perfect pairing.

A selection of Molly's block prints

Q:  What would your desert island luxury be?

A:  My sketch book and watercolour set.

Q:  Your perfect meal?

A:  Mussels foraged from the shores of the Isle of Mull, cooked in white wine and tonnes of garlic, 

served with thin chips and a crispy green salad.

Followed by a raw chocolate ganache and a green tea!

Q:  Your perfect dinner party guests (dead or alive) x 8

A:  Vanessa Bell – my main guest of honour.

The late Duchess of Devonshire wearing an almighty ball gown and with a chicken in her lap.

Marcus Mumford – I would expect him to sing of course.

The late Maharani of Jaipur, Gayatri Devi.

Amanda Owen, mother of 9 and hill side sheep farmer!

My wing woman and friend Lisa – who keeps me calm in a crisis.

Matisse – perhaps he would bring some paper cut outs?

Rollo, my husband - to help pour the wine! I would need some if this lot were all around my kitchen 


Q:  Who would play you in a film about your life?

A:  Maggie Gyllenhaal, because she played the role of the over worked mother so beautifully in 

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang, my all time favourite film. Check out the set design and 

costume….soo good.

The Cabbages skirt in Molly's sunshine print

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