The Spring Summer 19 Collection Campaign

The Jersey Collection by Cabbages & Roses and Rachel Ashwel
New Organic Jersey collection

We are so happy to present to you, this, our 38th collection of clothes for Spring into Summer 2019.

Our collaborations with two of the lovliest companies, namely Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic, and

Molly Mahon are the highlight of our year. Both, the gentlest and most charming of 

'businesswomen' were a pleasure to work with, and you will see the results of our joint labour in the

following photographs. Working with like-minded people makes our lives not only easier, but filled

with inspiration and pure happiness.   

With Rachel our work began after a chance meeting (see our blog of Sunday, 24th March 2019) and

culminated with our first 100% organic cotton collection of beautiful, interesting and wearable jersey 


Molly, took our ideas with her to India where she works with a tiny hand block printing works and 

actually filmed our fabric being hand printed with great patience and expertise.

All of these clothes are in the process of being made in limited quantities

in a little factory just outside London, we have, where possible indicated an approximate

delivery date, but should you want to be added to a waiting list, please do contact

our Customer Services at or +44-207-352-7333

The Rosie velvet Savannah Dress and Scottish knitted Lily cardigan
Rosie Velvet Savannah Dress
Lily Cardigan

Cream beret with pink ribbon bow by Gil Fox Hats
Cream Beret

Peter Pan collar T shirt coming early April
Organic Jersey collection

The red & black full circle dress & Jemima Coat in British coated cotton
Jemima Coat
Full circle dress

The Cabbage skirt made from Molly Mahon hand printed star fabric. Coming April/May. The Hettie jacket in red & pink seersucker, arriving April/May and Penguin T shirt coming early April.

Yellow Beret with pale pink velvet ribbon (coming soon) and Bensimon Ankle Boots
Bensimon Plimpsoles

Teal, Navy & Cream berets. Coming soon, left to right. The navy Hettie Jacket, white linen Flossie frock jacket and navy Flossie Frock jacket. Coming in April for the navy and linen mid-late May.

The Frederika shirts in white seersucker and blue fishes coming in April. Blue striped long sleeve t shirt arriving early April. The Priory A Line kilt in calico blanco coming mid April. 

The Lisa Rose shirt (arriving late April) with the pink British tweed Flossie Frock jacket (arriving late May). 

The Swirly Panel Coat in pink tweed & the Sunday coat in pink British tweed - arriving late May

Olive green Charlotte Aran sweater Priory Kilt in pink British tweed coming late May. the side button skirt in floral taffeta coming Mid April/early May. Long sleeved stripe top coming 1st week of April. 

Delicious layers of organic soft cotton will be fully delivered by 1st week of April. Left to right. Short Ella dress, Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell Terry trousers, Letetia T shirt with Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell long sleeved T shirt underneath.

Pink Quilt Sophie Quilt in Pink. Left to right Christian top in blue stripe over short Ella dress. Rosemary smock over Peter pan collar t shirt & long Ivy dress. 

Amber dress in pink stripe, Christian Top in Rosabelle, short Ella dress in Rosabelle. 

The Alderney Hall Wallpaper Alderney wallpaper. The Veronica Dress in Calico Blanco coming mid April over the Terrance T shirt. 

Long Ella dress & The Rosemary dress in white seersucker, arriving Mid - late April.

The Willie dress in calico blanco & Candy stripe in black.

The Willie Dress, Terrance T shirt, Clarissa cashmere cardigan; Veronica Dress with Grace Fairisle cardigan and long sleeve t shirt. The Hettie jacket over the Emeline blouse in white seersucker with the Camilla Trousers in candy stripe black with grace cardigan in navy. All arriving in April.

Long sleeved stripe T shirt, Candy Stripe black dungarees arriving mid-late April, Sienna sweater in blue stripe 

Beth dress in Cafissi Gingham, Sunday coat in Cafissi gingham & Rosemary dress in Cafissi gingham. Arriving in May. 

Flora dress in Cafissi gingham, arriving May, yellow Grace cardigan, mustard beret

Perdie shirt coming in April.

Linen Lisa Rose shirt & swirly panel dress arriving end of May.

Flossie Frock jacket in pink British tweed with Emeline blouse in Cafissi gingham arriving May. 

Perdie Shirt coming in April

Sienna sweater in red stripe with the Willie dress in seersucker and Molly Mahon block printed fabric. Arriving late April. 

Side button skirt in pink seersucker arriving in April. Natural Charlotte Aran sweater.

Fred dress in tartan taffeta & swirly panel coat in white linen arriving in May. 

Selina skirt and Frederika shirt in white seersucker. Arriving in April. Coral beret.

Fuschia beret and the Annabel dress in red seersucker. Coming late April. 

Glorious Molly Mahon prints in the Emeline blouse, Veronica Dress and Camilla Trousers. All with Freya sweaters & Grace cardigans. 

The Rosemary Dress in Floral taffeta arriving in May with Sage Freya Sweater

Emeline Blouse in Molly Mahon print. Coming late April. 

Angelica dress in Blue Fishes. Arriving in April. 

Swirly Panel Coat in Floral Taffeta. Arriving in May. 

With a coral Beret

And Charlotte Aran sweater

And floral taffeta Priory Kilt. Coming in May.

With long sleeved T shirt with ruffle trim collar. 

The Annabel Dress. Arriving late April/Early May. 

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