A TASTE OF THINGS TO COME (and how we made the lovely photographs)

A New Season is Arriving

An enormous amount of time and thought goes into creating a photo shoot, and with so many moving

parts, it is a miracle that it ever comes together.

On a March day in windy Somerset the components of our shoot arrived at the beautiful yellow house

belonging to our beloved MD and OMG Mr and Mrs Christopher Howells.

In charge of the hair and make-up supremo(a) Violet Dent (& also the creche)

Amongst the props, make-up, models, cameras, tripods, lunches, suppers

and breakfasts came a baby and a pair of toddlers.

Belonging to Linnea - one of our beautiful models, Hans and Bror self contained (mostly)
We immediately set to work with our extraordinary photographer Kristin Perers.

Madeleine Macgreevy photographed in the Alderney hall
Alderney Wallpaper

Ably assisted by her beautiful & calm assistant Aloha (excellent name)

Our friends became models, here is the lovely Madeleine Macgreevy photographed

in the Alderney Hall of the Yellow House.


Linnea with Kristin Perers

Here is the super model Linnea with Kristin working very hard 

and here is Sophie Strutt mama to Theodore with Violet working her magic

which seems to amuse Sophie very much.

During a week-end of jolly good fun and very hard work Kristin made

some extraordinary photographs of our extraordinary models wearing,

of course, the Cabbages & Roses newest collection.

A collection in which we collaborated with our lovely friend Gil Fox

who made the hats above and below.

Theodore wearing a Hat hand embellished by Gil Fox
Beret adorned with velvet

and our newest gem of a friend Rachel Ashwell with whom we have together

invented a collection of organic jersey including her iconic print Rosabelle

Madeleine in pink stripes, Linnea and Sophie wearing Rachel Ashwell's  Rosabelle dresses in organic cotton

and a collaboration with our dear friend Molly Mahon

who made our lovely sunshine yellow print by hand in India.

Clever Kristin photographing Sophie wearing Molly Mahon sunshine

Encouraged by Kristin's power of persuasion we had Sophie 

climbing in and out of windows (Theodore is being held inside!)

Theodore Splendid

Violet making everyone look even more beautiful

And Linnea waving flags wearing our lovely linen ensemble

Violet and Theodore

and as soon as she was finished Violet took over baby duty again.

Sophie and Theodore

Everyone worked very hard, and thanks to our marvelous MD Kate and her

husband Christopher, everyone had a lovely time.

But most of all we are so happy with the results of our labour and

very much hope you will be too.

The collection will be arriving with Spring in weekly deliveries

until the foreseeable future. We shouldn't need to remind you,

though, that everything is made in very limited quantities, carefully by hand

in a tiny factory just outside London. Our jersey is made from organic

cotton as are our plimsolls, our knitwear is all made in Scotland. Our deliveries are wrapped in

recycled tissue paper.

 So all in all we are trying very hard

not to harm the planet, to reduce our carbon footprint, and keep you,

our customers happy. Next week we will show you the whole collection as soon as we have edited


of our photographs. 


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