Don't Put Me In Landfill (& How to Do Spring)

 Spring Time Arrivals
Spring Dressing

 For the next four months, the weather will be as unpredictable as our political future. It may be cold, wet, windy or grey. 

Seasonal Transitions
On the other hand it may be cold, crisp and blue. 

 Scottish Tartan
Scottish Tartan

Or, it may be that we enjoy a deliciously, delicate slide into the warmth that spring can sometimes bring, gently easing us into a hot and dry summer. 

Layer after layer after layer
Well, whatever the weather - we have you covered with our beautiful knitwear made in Scotland, heavenly frocks made in England and hand embellished hats to add glamour to day-wear.

Skirts and cardigans (and cardigans)
 The only way to get dressed is in layers, layers that match, and layers that don't. 

Then......... Take a perfect frock and add cardigan

Frocks & Hats (coming soon) & superfine Scottish knits

or a coat 


 Or maybe some trousers & stripes


Or a fluffy blouse and a perfect in every way Fair Isle cardigan to refresh rather than renew your wardrobe.

The cardigan for the blouse for the Japanese taffeta trousers

Cabbages & Roses seasons should flow seamlessly from one to another, adding a flourish to old clothes, cheering up a wardrobe and easily leading winter into Spring, into summer then winter. 

T-shirt (coming soon (organic cotton) 
Pinks, reds and Scottish woolens

Our mantra is to make clothes that don't just last a season, they are made to last a lifetime or two. We make in very small quantities, in very small factories mostly in Great Britain. 

We don't want to Contribute to landfill we want to create clothes with lasting value, to be shared, swapped, re-sold, mended and Re-purposed. Most of all we want to make clothes that will be loved for a very long time.

So please watch this space as we have some lovely re-use & re-love ideas that will be launching along with our new shops. 


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