Christina's Christmas Wish List

If I was asked, which I have been, this is what I would choose from the ever evolving, ever changing

deliciousness that is Cabbages & Roses.

No 1:

The Merlin Gown made from Rosie Printed Velvet.
We are not ones to show off (mostly) but we could not resist showing you the beautiful Mamie
Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep, wearing our Merlin Gown to the premiere of Mary Queen of

Scots in New York. Obviously, now I want one. So this is at the very top of my wish list.

No 2 : This glamorous Cassandra Coat in brocade would be lovely to wear with Merlin or…...

Actually perhaps lets go whole hog and have the exquisite Jemima Coat (No. 3)  for a pretty
dramatic entrance.

 That’s my Oscar Parties and Premiers sorted, now for tea with the Queen, and what would

be more perfect than No 4 & 5 on my wish list, the pink organza brocade Louisa dress or the black

version. Actually both. Please?

Perhaps I will leave my rosie crown at home.

No 6. I borrowed Fred for a Cabbages & Roses film for BBC China (showing off again) and fell in

love. Wishes do come true – he is now mine.



Christina xx

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