A Curious Tale : C & R's Own Christina's Strutt's Little Sister

If you have never heard of Pia Maclean, it is because she has spent most of her life hiding her light

deep beneath a bushel. Wondering where that phrase came from I looked it up. It came from the


‘Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light

unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works’

(and glorify your Father which is in heaven. – this little bit not quite so relevant to this tale)

The rest I thought fairly appropriate for my little sister.

Fighting heartily, she has at last agreed to allow Cabbages & Roses to expose her light and her 

delicate brilliance in a tiny exhibition of her works at our shop on Sydney Street, SW3 6NR.

You can find her wares here www.curiousboxes.co.uk.

 WABI SABI POTS AND WEAVES I                                                               WABI SABI POTS AND WEAVES NO II

Pia has produced painstakingly beautiful works of art in little boxes – varied, diverse, eccentric – all 

in minute detail – each box contains a tiny story which draws the eye into a fairytale world where the

viewer gets lost in admiration, seeing new details otherwise un-noticed each time it is revisited.

LITTLE BASQUIAT                                                                                                  SWAN SONG



As well as pursuing her career as an interior designer, this part time obsession has become a

thriving business, accepting commissions from clients who have fallen under her extraordinary

spell. In a world of impossibly reduced scale, somehow removing one from real life

and entering a world of enchantment, with details, familiar yet still surprising, extraordinary yet

absolutely run of the mill.




Because it is virtually impossible to photograph these Curious Boxes, it is advised that they are

seen in real miniature life, preferably with a magnifying glass in hand, so that no detail goes un-

noticed. Commissions are undertaken: www.curiousboxes.co.uk


An exhibition of a small life by Pia M Maclean.

An enchanting glimpse into a world of miniature. Delicately and painstakingly created by artist Pia 

Maclean. From the 18th Century to present day, each box contains a story with no words, lives of a 

little chaos with wabi sabi charm.

Each box is individually priced from £300 - £1,000.

Commissions accepted.

From Thursday 15th until Wednesday 28th November.

121 Sydney Street

We hope to see you there.

x C & R x

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