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Christmas Wreaths by The Real Flower Company

Popping up next door to our C&R shop this November our friends at The Real Flower Company will be hosting some sensational wreath making workshops.

Our founder, Christina Strutt asks Rosebie Morton, from The Real Flower Company, tips of the trade and how she prepares for Christmas.

Rosebie Morton
Founder of The Real Flower Company

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I always start decorating my house too early – because it’s quite hard work and I want to get as much pleasure from it as possible. But do you have any tips to prevent greenery from becoming a crispy fire hazard?

Turn the heating down and use a mister. Two weeks is about the limit so it’s best to leave decorating until just before Christmas. Spray foliage with an anti-desiccant spray and where possible keep it away from radiators, fireplaces and sunny windowsills.

What do you choose to decorate your own home?

I always like to welcome guests with one of our scented Berry, Herb & Foliage door wreaths and like you I dress my house with lots of seasonal foliage. Bulbs such as Amaryllis and Lilies also last beautifully.

Do you find decorating for Christmas as much of a pleasure as welcoming spring into your home?

I embrace every season and try to make the best of the flowers and foliage that are looking their finest. With short days and long nights one particularly appreciates anything green to lift the spirits.

What are your tips to cheer up January, February and March – the three months I find most difficult?

 Make sure you have planted bulbs in pots. I stagger-plant bulbs such as Paper Whites, Amaryllis, Hyacinth and Narcissi so I have flowers to look at indoors and out. It is also nice to have Cyclamen in the garden and in the house.

Is it greedy to have three Christmas trees – I sometimes have one in the hall, one in the parlour and one in the kitchen? Or should I put my effort into just one?

Why not use a potted bay tree or olive tree as an alternative?

Would you be horrified to learn I sometimes use a fake Christmas tree?

Not in the slightest – it’s a step towards helping to save the planet and I think it’s important to be as sustainable as possible. Another option is to decorate a branch or some birch twigs.

When foraging for Christmas greenery, is there a kind way to remove branches from firs or berries from holly?

First and foremost take the bare minimum and try to cut somewhere that’s not obvious. Don’t cut completely to the trunk so the branch has a chance to re-grow. Remember to leave behind some berries for the birds. You can find more ideas, tips and tricks for foraging for Christmas foliage here

Do you garden in the rain?

Of course – I live in England! I find I have so little time to garden that I just have to get on when I can.

 What is your favourite season?

Spring – because it’s the promise of what’s to come. It’s the teenage season, full of optimism and hope.

What is your favourite flower?

It has to be a rose! And among roses, Margaret Merril, which was the first rose I grew and a variety I remember fondly from my grandmother’s garden. Margaret Merril has the most exquisite scent and effortless elegance.

 If you could only grown one thing what would it be?

Mangoes! With a never-ending supply of pickable ones.

Cut flowers or plants?

They are both entirely appropriate for different purposes so it’s difficult to choose. Cut flowers are spontaneous, uplifting and immediate but a plant obviously has more impact in the long term.

With whom would you spend a perfect Christmas – someone you’d have in your house for three nights and see for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Then if there’s a heavy snowfall they might have to spend another three nights, so choose carefully!

Mary Berry. We could talk about roses and then before mealtimes I could lock her in the kitchen!

Your perfect Christmas present?

Snow and a happy family!

The best gardening book you own?

Christopher Lloyd’s The Well-Tempered Garden.

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Thank you Rosebie for your delightful answers!

xx C&R xx

The Real Flower Company
Christmas Wreath Making Workshops

Using the most exquisite seasonal foliage, aromatic herbs and berries from their sustainable flower farms, the RFC will show you how to create a truly magnificent wreath or decoration that is unique to you and will be proud to show off!

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Rose said...

Wonderful!I'll try to do the same on my door in France!Thank you for those beautiful pictures!

Rose said...

Wonderful crowns of flowers! I'll try to do like you to put on my front door in France!
Thank you C&R for those beautiful pictures!