Spring Summer 2017 has been inspired by...

The Sea that surrounds us & our closest neighbours

As well as ...

Blue hues and faded florals 

The careless and happy days of summer

Freezing on the beach in the English Spring

Swallows and Amazons and hearty picnics, with cake

From St Tropez to Hampstead Heath

(We have the tops and underneaths)

Ice cream colours and cold  cold sea
Rich with the past
And the vitality of the present.
Ageless, timeless, heavenly.
Happy Days well spent …..by the sea

 And in the city

At the Fairground

 But mainly by the sea

And pink, always pink

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The said...

How I love "Cabbages and Roses". Although my family on both sides were British, I was born in Canada. Brought up with the manners, tastes, and traditions of The England and Scotland they knew, I have a longing for a world that is quickly disappearing. Thank you for preserving that which is "quintessentially British".