Comfort & Joy No. 6 - How To Sleep Well

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How to achieve restful, restorative SLEEP - essential to good health and a happy DEMEANOUR.

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Add two cups of EPSOM SALTS to a warm bath THREE times a week

Known to AID restful sleep when absorbed
Through the skin
The MAGNESIUM in Epsom salts
PRODUCES serotonin, a mood elevating
Chemical creating a feeling of CALM
Relaxation & a sense of well being 

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ALWAYS read a good BOOK at bedtime, a restful charming tale and NOT a wildly exciting yarn.

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an hour before retiring

Invest in a HOP filled pillow, regularly check your mattress & pillows if you are not sleeping well, it
might be that they need to be replaced

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WEAR our pure cotton pyjamas 

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and SNUGGLE DEEPLY under our beautiful

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