Comfort and Joy No.2 - Frankie, Fairy Tales & the enchanted world of Cabbages & Roses

Frankie, Fairy Tales and the enchanted world of Cabbages  Roses.

The beautiful film Fairy Tale – a True Story - has become something of an obsession in the Strutt Household.   

So much so that Frankie and his granny made a crib inspired by the wonderful fairy house created by Michael Howells for the film.

A Still from the film Fairy Tale a True Story

Frankie Strutt has contributed so much to the Cabbages & roses story during his little life of just 6 years.

We thought we would dedicate this blog to Frankie, his fairy house crib and the enchantment that this little boy brings to our lives, especially at Christmas time.

The beginnings of Frankie’s fairy house before it became the crib.

Fairy Tale crib made by Frankie Strutt (with a little help)

Frankie with Millie Brady by Katy Lawrence

Frankie and his mama Sophie Strutt - A still from the film by Katy Lawrence

It occurs to us that most of life at Cabbages & Roses is based on fairy tales.  
Here are some past enchantments from our archives. Scroll to the bottom for our films. 

SS16 shoot by Eddie Wrey
SS13 Shoot by Toby Knott
Brook Cottage by Simon Brown  

We wish you the most enchanted and happy Christmas Holiday time.

From us all at Cabbages & Roses.


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