Happy Facts About Chocolate

‘Oh comfortable cocoa’  I Capture the Castle Dodie Smith.

Sometimes, it is necessary to address the important things in life, Chocolate being one of them.

In a rare idle moment we discovered some interesting facts about this magical, benevolent, mood enhancing, delicious concoction.   Here are some of them:

Dark chocolate is low in sugar. Cocoa butter is a low in polyunsaturated fat.

Chocolate contains antioxidants and helps repair free radical damage.

It is a source of iron, magnesium, copper and manganese.

Chocolate has more cell-shielding antioxidants than the juice of super fruits.

Happily, dark chocolate helps weight loss and reduces cholesterol.

Elderly chocolate eaters score higher on cognitive tests than those that don’t.

We have discovered that cocoa is actually a super food. Many studies have proved that cocoa is beneficial to the heart so we thought we would share a cup with you.


Grate 50g of very dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) into a saucepan containing 250ml of milk approaching the boil. 

Add the chocolate and whisk until dissolved and the drink has slightly thickened. Sweeten to taste.   

For a special treat stir in a spoonful of double cream.


For a gloriously exotic flavour, simmer a sprig of rosemary, orange peel, a stick of cinnamon and star anise in a saucepan containing water and cocoa powder.  Reduce and use this mixture added to hot milk
We so hope that all the above is true…….

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Unknown said...

I will continue with my evening hot chocolate feeling that it is doing me so much good. Thank you. Jocelyn