Winter Layering

Photograph by Annabella Daughtry

With Winter in our midst, we can finally resurrect our cosy knits & sturdy shoes, generous coats and winter frocks. Four awfully good reasons to look forward to winter days. 

Photograph by Claudia Legge

Layer upon Layer - a generous way of dressing

Photgraph by Katy Lawrence, AW 2015

Layer an apron upon a dress, upon a shirt, upon an underdress

Photograph by Claudia Legge AW 2016

Or a cashmere scarf with your pyjamas

Cabbages & Roses cashmere Sophie Scarf AW 2016
Photo by Annabella Daughtry

Our clothes are made for the warm, the cold, the wet and the in-between

Photo by Annabella Daughtry

We focus on details which set us apart, a frilly collar, a delicious trim, a scalloped sleeve. The little bits of charm that effortlessly transform your wardrobe.

We love creating Cabbages & Roses, we hope you enjoy wearing them

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