Bouncy Knitwear

Some might ask why nylon as well as wool, alpaca and a tiny bit of spandex is added to our bouncy beautiful knits.

Well, actually there are many reasons.

At Cabbages & Roses we tend to overdo things, we like to think big. So when we made  samples of our beautiful knitted pieces entirely in wool, we tried them on. Before our very eyes they grew. They were so heavy that in an hour they had stretched themselves so much that it was difficult to take a measurement.


We asked Villey,  our extraordinarily patient knitwear maker, how to solve the problem. She suggested that we mixed some clever man made fibres into the wool as well as other things so that it

Would have an extraordinary bouncy quality 
Would not Stretch out of shape
Would not bobble as much as pure wool
Would last longer
Would be lighter
Would keep its shape
Would wash better

So there you are, we got what we wanted, so that you can wear our clothes longer (in time not length!)

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Marybeth said...

So beautiful! What a wonderful combination to make the design work. Love the old photos also!