An Autumn Exhibition

All photographs by Anabella Daughtry - @just_belle on Instagram

Claudia Legge Exhibition at Cabbages & Roses 

Claudia signing her prints
So delighted were we with the beautiful photographs taken by Claudia Legge for our Autumn look book, we decided to host an exhibition for her at our Sydney Street shop.   

The photographs were printed onto linen cloth and the entire collection was incredibly well received, both by customers & collectors. It was an amazing turnout. 

The Freddie's Flowers Bicycle

There were prizes from both C&R and Freddie's flowers, who visited us on their sweet flower bicycle for the evening. 

What Poppy Wore
Claudia's prints are available on both linen and photographic paper and you should see her website for her beautiful collection of photographs. HERE

Obviously we bought one

Thank you Claudia & Freddy as well as our Cabbage Roses Claudia, Poppy, Belle, Violet, Sarah, Sophie & Amanda! 

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