fab·ric (noun) cloth.

Many of our customers know us for our fabrics and are surprised when they discover we make clothes. Many of our customers know us for our clothes and are surprised when they discover we make fabrics.

Many of the former group, knew us for our home accessories, namely cushion covers, tablecloths, napkins et al.

At one stage of our lives Cabbages & Roses devoted an entire store on Sydney Street in Chelsea to home wares. It was very beautiful.

We have 121 different fabrics in our collection.


We once stocked three sizes of cushion covers.

 If we stocked just five of each, our stock holding would be 1,815 cushion covers.

It is a fact of retail life that whatever we had in stock was exactly not what our customers wanted. It was impossible to keep enough of what was desired and not too much of what was not.

After all, the average household changes their cushion covers once every two or three years, we found we were waiting rather a long time for their return.

So, we decided not to stock all those cushion covers who were waiting to be noticed, and made the very sensible decision to make exactly what our customers wanted, especially for them, as they wanted them, in the right size and shape and pattern – so our cushion service became bespoke.

As a small company, we are also in the position to waste less. We want to ensure that we aren’t making so much 'stuff' that it then becomes devalued and languishes unloved in a warehouse.
We also think that a possession is far more treasured if you have to wait for it and you also have a hand in creating it.

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