In the hazy gloom of this summer (today is mid July)

I am turning my thoughts to the delicious cool gloom of winter days.

Happy in the knowledge that the enduring grey skies and
Chilly Winds will be more seasonal and life will feel
……… ‘right-er’

By the time you will be seeing our offerings for the winter
season, Britain will be calm again, all will be peaceful and
we can furnish our wardrobes with cosy, sturdy C&R clothing.

We are inspired by history, by England, by the
beauty of a good cut, the generosity of

The brilliance of those who weave
and print and sew and make our beautiful

 Simple times with less distraction.

 We relish a uniform

Good habits.   

We are inspired when we think of the chill in the wind, to swathe ourselves in frothy cashmere, tweeds, checks & sturdy wools. To be warm outside in our mittens, hats and flowing coats, to snuggle up inside by a fire.

These are the things that inspire us….

C xx


Sea Angels said...

How very inspiring, I always love your Autumn Winter clothing and cant wait to see your gorgeous collection xxxx

Anonymous said...

Very witty!