Secret London

Very often, people think of Vauxhall and see a lot of London traffic going through various railway arches, around a bus station and a giant roundabout. Or perhaps a notorious nightlife. Or perhaps MI5 and all the secrecy shrouding the shining riverside government building. 

Some people will notice on the large roundabout, a large stately looking house, which feels very out of place with all the buses and lorries whizzing past.

When you enter Brunswick House, LASSCO (The London Architectural Salvage & Supply Company) presents a treasure trove of history and carefully restored antiques in their most central London location.

Everything has a story behind it.

In the wing, Brunswick House Cafe serves delicious seasonal food, and is masterminded by the very talented Jackson Boxer.

This building is indicative of the surrounding area, with a trove of places which are often overlooked or passed by. 

Across the road is Bonnington Square, with its gardens, one of which is in the square; one of which is through a hidden doorway between two terraced houses at the end of the square. All of it created and looked after by the people who live there. 

Jackson's father Charlie runs the infamous Italo. 

Then there is the Bonnington Square Cafe, where you can sign up and become a chef for the evening and all the proceeds go towards maintaining the building for the community's use.

Around the corner is Vauxhall Park, with its open spaces and lavender garden. The surrounding streets of beautiful squares and terraces easily take up an afternoon of wandering around admiring some of the most beautiful hidden buildings in London.

On the other side of Bonnington Square, through the hidden garden and across a busy road there is Oval Cricket Ground. Many historic matches have been witnessed there.

If you are an early morning kind of person, The New Covent Garden Flower Market as well as the fresh produce markets are a sight to be seen. Where some of the best suppliers to our London businesses congregate to trade their wares.

With all the redevelopment going on around Vauxhall, with Embassies being built and Battersea Power Station in the throws of restoration, we hope that the area and all its hidden gems are looked after for generations to come.

xx C&R xx

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