Printing In England

We have been working terribly hard behind the scenes to perfect our fabric designs which have been used in our collection this season.

It sounds easy, but can be fraught with difficulty (Amanda, our trusted and very patient Head of Production can testify to that!)

Where do our fabrics come from?

Scraps, sketches and colour all inspire our collections and each design holds a story or a history that is just as important as the integral beauty of the print.

The Clementine Rose originated from an old family heirloom; the soft pinks and greens inspiring the print we created today.

From painstakingly drawing on tracing paper (one sheet for each layer of colour) we then translate this to digital files which are handed to our printers.

We cut screens, one per colour, and then go to work on the hand table to perfect the colouring of each layer in the print.

Everything is matched by eye, sometimes it works, sometimes it can take years to perfect.

For this collection, our Alderney print was taken from our home textiles collection. The new cloth it was printed onto, a soft voile, needed to be extensively tested.

Was it too soft to be printed?

Would the ink spill through the fine layer of fabric?

Would it shrink to nothing when we washed and gently crumpled it?

We are very pleased with the results and can't wait to have all of our beautiful Alderney dresses in stock so we can wear them everywhere!

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