Much like Viv Groskop  writing in The Sunday Times Style Magazine suffering from Box Sets overload  

“…life’s most intolerably crushing disappointments - the epitome of First World Problems” 

I am finding myself in just the same First World Problem – too much, too quickly, too late.

How to balance being commercial, the need to make a living, the impact on the environment, newness whilst celebrating oldness, paying the bills, employing people from the delivery man to the window cleaner to the divine Cabbage Roses who keep our customers very happy…….too much and mostly too slowly.

Viv says - still dwelling on box sets

‘…and yet they just keep on making them, while we attempt to keep up, slumped and defenceless”

Appropriate this sentence to fashion – how to keep up? Our answer is – don’t – just don’t. It will send you crazy.

So, late as we are (compared to the mightily efficient high street) we believe that actually we are on time to meet the warm spring sunshine, the April showers and the unforced daffodils.   

Viv suggests that

“there is a one year amnesty on programme watching. We all admit that we can’t keep up and they stop making programmes for 12 months.”

This is obviously an excellent idea for us all to catch up on box sets, Netflix, Amazon Prime, i Player, You Tube - all those programmes everyone is talking about that you haven’t had the spare 62 hours to watch.

I suggest that there is a one-year amnesty on fashion, in which case, if we call our current (late) collection  ‘Cruise Collection 2017’ we will suddenly become very, very early.

Silly – isn’t it`?

"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else you must run at least twice as fast as that!"

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marybeth farris said...

Precious! True and so encouraging- exactly how I feel about everything lately. The anticipation for the collection has been worth the wait- don't you worry a minute about it! xo!! I love this, Marybeth Farris /Pike Road Millwork :)