Sometimes, it becomes necessary to explain

Cabbages & Roses design clothes.

We start with ideas, which get drawn on a million pieces of paper

We choose the best. We explain them to our wonderful pattern cutter, Lisa.

While Lisa is working her magic, we jump on a train and go to Paris searching for the finest fabrics and ask for a million fabric samples to be sent.

And then we walk.....

And Walk.

And Walk.

We wait by the post box for our samples to arrive.

We edit our choices and match the fabrics to the designs.
We order sampling fabric.

We wait by the post box for it to arrive.

Then, in a flurry of excitement, spread sheets, little tiny cuttings, button counting, label matching, orders written, explanations made - large parcels are put together and sent to our amazing London factories.


We wait.

At last the samples arrive, some beautiful, some excellent, some just plain mad.
We choose. More spreadsheets, more ordering, more refining, more changes, more trying on, more
disappointments (too expensive, too long, too short, too tight, too loose).

Our Production Manager, Amanda is very patient.

More parcels, more factory visits, more cajoling, more sums, more spread sheets, more buttons, labels, zips, linings, decisions, disappointments, euphoria.

Finally, a collection.
All our designs are created from scratch.

Almost all our designs are made in little tiny quantities in London and surrounding counties.
This is why we may seem a little more expensive and this is why our clothes are, without exception, unique.

Sometimes some people think we are expensive.
Sometimes they make comments on our Facebook page.

Mostly though, you will only find 30 people in the whole of the world wearing the same thing. It takes a year to make a collection. We think we are worth it.



Cristina said...

amazingly inspirational. Well done! Cristina

Burlap Luxe said...

The best designs start with chicken scratch.....( lots of paper doodling )

Inspiring pieces grace your designs.


Doré Callaway