Cabbages & Roses Designer, Violet, has let us into her remarkable Nottinghill abode. Cosy and incredibly chic, each and every nook and cranny of the small townhouse has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to beautifully showcase her exquisite taste.

The Outside


Clean whites, pinks and a scattering of beautiful vintage pieces, most woman can only dream of a bedroom like this! You might not guess it, but Violet lives with her fiancé Harry (let's hope he is a fan of pink!)

Bedroom 1
Fresh White Bed Linen
Bedroom 2
Some of her favorite pieces from C&R are hung around the room
Bedroom 3
Vintage Plates Hold An Array Of Trinkets
Bedroom 4
Dancing Fairy Lights
Bedroom 5
We love the idea of framing a piece of fabric


The bathroom offers a calming, soothing atmosphere of clean white walls and a careful selection of products immaculately stored in painted white boxes.

Bathroom 1
A careful selection  of products
Bathroom 2


The pièce de résistance of the house; the living room is a truly unique experience. Each and every item has been thoughtfully placed to create the authentic effortless feel. Walking into the living room I feel like I need some time to explore it; to marvel over the small details and the impeccable way everything has been carefully organised. And yes, her house is always this tidy!

Living Room 3
Hatley Dove Cushions on a White Ikea Sofa
Living Room 1
Carefully placed treasures give the house a homely feel
Living Room 4
The Naughty Step
Living Room 2
Magazines, Dried Flowers and Scented Candles
Living Room 7
Hatley Dove Cushions
Living Room 5
Cabbages & Roses Twenty Seven Roses Candle
Living Room 6
Painted Crates Stacked On Top Of Each Other Make A Great Shelf!


Kitchen 3
A white ladder leans against the wall, making a functional tea towel holder.
Kitchen 2
Silver steel & wood
Kitchen 1
Bowls of Eggs & Baskets of Ginger


Violets use of space is inspirational; she manages to fit in so many different things whilst giving the house a spacious, airy feel. 

Storage 1
Old Wooden Crates Sit Atop Her Cupboards, Offering an Inspired Storage Solution!
Storage 2
Vintage Wooden Lockers Hold His & Her Shoes.
Storage 3

Thank You so much to Violet

I hope you enjoyed exploring her house as much as I did!

Christabel x 


Anonymous said...

Awww, that I call propper English home xxx

Paula said...

Beautifully done! I especially love the curtains in the bedroom. x