Seasonal Scents

Cabbages & Roses have collaborated with English candle company Amor et Psyche to bring you two glorious scents for Spring/Summer. Twenty Seven Roses and Fig & Pear have both been hand poured in Hertfordshire, using both organic wicks and wax to give them a burn time of 50 hours. 


Designed by Lex Lane, the beauty behind the brand lies in the explorations and discoveries she came across, with the idea igniting in Paris and developing through the streets of St Germain. Lex Lane wanted to create powerful scents that not only evoke memories but also awaken new ones. Using the maximum possible quantity of essential oil extract and organic soy wax to create a clean, crisp full bodied fragrance, these 38 cl candles release a powerful scent of the vigour of Spring.


Some tips for your new candle:

1. To prevent tunneling of the candle, burn your candle until the molten wax reaches the sides.

2. Keep the wick at least 5 mm tall and trim off any carbon build-up before relighting.

3. Before relighting, keep the wick trimmed to avoid unnecessary smoke

4. Burn your candle in a draught free and open area

5. Never leave candles unattended and keep them away from children and pets

6. Burn your candle on a heat-resistant surface

7. Stop using candle once there is only 15 cm of wax remaining

Georgia x

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