Perfect Pumpkins!

Our resident chef (and manager) Phoebe is a fabulous foodie. This Halloween we charged her with the task of creating C&R pumpkins (well actually - we're told they're not pumpkins. In that case we don't know what they are, but they're good enough for us...) for us to feast our ghoulish eyes on. Here's how she got on -

Cut a top out of your pumpkin (or related vegetable) but make sure that you can still sit it back in like a lid.

Spoon out all of the insides...

...and the seeds.

(Don't throw the seeds away, because you can toast them and add them to delicious Autumnal recipes!)

Phoebe used a stencil and a biro to mark out where she wanted to cut.

Carefully using a sharp knife, cut around the pen lines and take out the unwanted flesh.

A completed 'R'!

Now all that's left is to rub the biro off and wait until it gets dark...

...TA DA!

Branded pumpkin-things. New ideas for product development anyone...?

xx Holly

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axelle said...

Very nice idea ! :o)