Pause for Thought

Even though our spring summer collection was a little thin on the ground (for reasons of business) we thought we would show you a behind the scenes photograph of Christina working away at making a lovely summer collection for 2013.

We, at Cabbages and Roses believe that the seasons are precious, that to pre empt them is loosing the childlike excitement and wonder of the change of season when the clocks move forward - or just as exciting, move back, the smell of the first cut of grass, or lighting the first fire of autumn - all the delicious reminders of how lucky we are to have seasons.  It saddens me to see shop windows filled with either sale produce or worse, winter clothes just as our children are breaking up for the summer holidays. I have even seen a shop window with 'get ready for school' proudly emblazoned - if it made me depressed, what of the poor little ones whose summer has just begun?

So, we at Cabbages & Roses want to start a campaign to encourage shops to sell season appropriate clothing, so that when it is hot and the sun is shining, and you feel like treating yourself to a summer frock, you can find one. Vote with your custom and refuse to buy winter coats in August, and a bikini in February. For season appropriate clothing "go to Cabbages & Roses"!!



Sally said...

I truly applaud your stance on this issue that has annoyed me for years. So, does this mean you won't be decorating for Christmas in September?!?

Sewing In CT said...

It is such a problem here in the states! Christmas decorations are up in October!
Thank you for taking a stand and trailblazing for what I hope will be a worldwide trend.

Jayne said...

What lovely sentiments, I totally agree it is ridiculous I have just seen Christmas cards in my local card shop - and worse still people were browsing and actually buying! It is summer! x

BECKY said...

I think you're so right! I like having some things available early for people like me who create seasonal items, since it's takes awhile. But so much of it is so unnecessary!

I love your fabric, and have purchased some through The Fat Quarter Shop! I also love your photo styling...just dreamy!