Her Majesty The Queen

Cabbages & Roses congratulates Her Majesty the Queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.    
This is a marvellous opportunity to celebrate all things British, and a good moment to stop and marvel at the Best of British.
Here is my alphabetical list of what I think is best about Great Britain, which is, as you will see, sadly short of great British 'I's .  

To celebrate the Queen's sixty years on the throne Cabbages & Roses will award a gift voucher worth £100 to the most interesting suggestion of a Great British "I".......you can write your suggestions as a comment on this blog post or on our facebook page.

These are what I think is Great about Britain....

Apple orchards
Aberfeldy (Perthshire)
Albert Hall
Academy (Royal)

Breakfast - Full english
Beef - roast
Buckingham Palace
Ballroom dancing
Bank Holidays

Cow parsley lining the country lanes during May
The Connaught
Candy floss

Dogs and how we love them
Duchesses especially of Cambridge and Devonshire

Eel Pie Island

Fortnum & Mason

Great British everything

How we organise a pageant, how the British are the best at a jolly good ceremony (trooping the colour/changing of the guard/beating retreat on Horseguards Parade/Royal tournament)
Her Majesty The Queen
How whenever I am in Paris, I think how lucky the Parisians are to live in such a beautiful city, until I come back to London and realise that we are just as lucky
Harry Potter

I - can't wait to hear your suggestions!

Jubilees and street parties

Kate Middleton
Kings and Queens especially our own Queen

Log fires
Land Rovers

Morris Dancers
May Day
Mini Minors

Northern Ireland
Narnia invented by our own CS Lewis

Old Bailey
Our poets and writers
Our film makers and films filmed in England paticularly London.
Our designers and makers, our inventors and creators
Our very special sense of humour

Pork pies

Queens - especially ours
Quality Street
Queens (pearly)

Regents Park
Radio 4
Rolling Stones
Royal Family

Seasides - we have so many
Stately Homes
Summer Fetes
Sausage Rolls

Treacle tart

Umbrella makers
Universities especially Oxford and Cambridge

Vogue - British Vogue is the best of all Vogues
Village greens
Village gossips

Wales in the Spring

Wales in the Summer
Wimbledon Tennis/ village/common
Wales (the Prince of)

Yorkshire pudding
Yorkshire cricket
York station

Get thinking of your Great British "I"s - the competition will close next Friday the 8th of June 2012.



Unknown said...

"I" is for icelolly sticky and sweet
"I" is for iced tea it goes down a treat
"I" is for icing on my Jubilee cake
"I" is for incredible, the clothes C&R make!

sophie griffiths

thriftwood said...

I is for irreverence, the British can be good art that!
I is for Imp (Hillman)
I is for Ian Botham
I is for Ilkley Moor (b'aht at)
I is for Iconic people
I is for Iconic Buildings
Love love, Claire xxx

Karen said...

I is for:
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
Isle of Wight England
Inverness in gorgeous Scottland

Such a fun list. Thank you! These three just popped into my head immediately.


Unknown said...

I stands Imperially for Isles! the British Isles...at the root of all things British.
Love this alphabet..

sarah-jane down the lane said...

I is for Islands and Isles....
of Wight
of Scilly
of Skye
Lundy...to name but a few...

and my all time favourite West Mouse!

Sarah -x-

chrisartist said...

Interesting - so much to see and do
Interiors- no other country does that country homes look like the Brits
Investiture- knight of the Realm
Imperial- her Majesty
Impressionism- Turner
Imagine- John Lennon
Inoculation-William Jenner
Chris Australia

lori said...

Isle of wight
International soccer team
Ice (lack of) (in restaurants, can you tell I'm American!)

TraceyTaylor81 said...

Ice cream
Idle walks along the seafront
Idyllic countryside
Incredible shops like C&R

Charlotte said...

I for:
Indigo the colour of a British Midsummer night sky
Islands; mystical places discovered through the sea mists
Ice cream with jelly the main dish of many a child's party!
Inheritance; stately piles, walled gardens, castles - the rich historical jewels of our island
Irises especially the bright yellow flag iris found in British marshes and used in Sarah Price's Telegraph Garden at the Chelsea flower show!
Inspiration of amazing British brands; Hunters, Barbour, Cabbages and Roses
Incredible beauty of British countryside; the moors, beaches, meadows and mountains

Bluebells and Lavender said...

I is for "I can do anything in Britain - it's accepting, outrageous, inviting, invigorating, investigative, influencing, and innovative!" A great time to be British! Sharon x

Niki Fretwell said...

I is for 'Island Nation', which is what keeps us special...Cut off from the rest of Europe (and the world for that matter), leaves us able to get on with all those wonderful eccentricities on your fabulous list!