Fashion Vs Style

In 1978 I was the 'administrator' of the art department of Vogue Magazine, I was given this prestigious position at 23 years old, and did not know the difference between a negative and a transparency, a stat or a photo copy, I wore pink dungarees and a large bow in my hair. My name appeared on the mast head. In spite of my inexperience and the large bow in my hair, I adored my job and had more fun than I think I have had since. I met David Bailey in the lift wearing 'Y' fronts on a hot day, and showed Princess Michael of Kent, her engagement photographs. I appeared in court twice, and cooked cous cous for Maria Callas. I looked at the books of promising photographers and allowed those I deemed good enough to see the Art Director.
I found this copy of Vogue in Portabello Market on Friday and bought it for £9 (cover price 75p) and am thrilled to own it.
Even 34 years ago there were good clothes and bad fashion, I am reluctant to post the following two photographs just in case they are seen without the copy being read - however to make my point.................
L - an advertisement ~ R - photograph by Alex Chatelain for Vogue, Conde Nast Publications
Of course taste is very personal, and many might consider the above to be exquisite in every way, I consider them both to be regressive steps in civilisation, compare them to Chanel, Dior or Givenchy.
Poor 1978, I feel a bit mean, but I was there,working in the building that made this magazine, that told us what we should wear. I might have worn just such clothing, I do hope not. 
In the same magazine I found these photographs, and remember now, very well, that this is what I was wearing, am still wearing, and want to continue to wear, in my sixties, seventies and eighties. Style does not age, fashion however, does.
Photographs by Carolyn Schultz for Vogue, Conde Nast Publications

There are very few designs that Cabbages & Roses have made that make me blush, most make me glow with pride, especially when I see strangers on the street, wearing Cabbages & Roses clothes from many seasons ago and still looking lovely. This is not vanity, it is understanding that people should not be made fools of in the name of fashion.
Cabbages & Roses Winter catalogue 2006, photographs by the late Lucinda Symons.
Our new website is due to launch tomorrow - I am saying this in a whisper just in case of technological glitches, have a look and buy on-line, we have fabrics, clothing, antique curiosities and furniture for sale, and what we are most proud of, is the fact that  we can now ship all over the world - help yourselves!!
PS no cigarettes for 116 days, and yes still stand rather too close to strangers outside restaurants having a cigarette.


thriftwood said...

Wow what an exciting life! I was 17 in 1978 ... those were the days! xxx

elle s'ennuie said...

Even with the bad fashion, sounds like an exciting job to have!
And best of luck with the new website launch, hope everything goes off without glitches, and I'll definitely be stopping by. :)

Dori said...

This was so fun to read! I appreciate (and share) your thoughts on style vs. fashion. I so love beautiful, graceful, timeless styles. Best wishes on your launch! I can't wait to visit.

Anonymous said...

how glorious of you - love the idea of Bailey in his unmentionables in the lift at Vogue House ;-)

waving from manhattan.

desperate to see the Toile available again - summer in NYC will only be bearable with Cabbages and Roses fabric made up into gorgeous little throw cushions to hide behind as close-to-the-air-con-unit as possible.

bravo for quitting the cigarettes - that's a hard one (we've been off them since 1999).

lovely blog.

beautiful brand.

we shall return!

_teamgloria x

Paula said...

This is hilarious! I had no idea that you wrote a blog - how marvellous! At 9, I was a bit young to do 'seriously' bad fashion in 1978, however, at least you got to wear wafty peasant dresses and white linens. In the 80's, when my fashion exploration came to the fore, we were apparently in the middle of an inter galactical state of man-made fibre warfare - all shoulders, shimmer and nastiness - Oh the shame.
p.s.Great blog and Congrats on giving up the ciggs!