Christina's Office - The Treehouse

Occasionally, I stop, stand back and look. I remove myself from the chaos of life and, camera in hand, look in from the outside. On one such occasion, I photographed my workspace.

Newly commandeered and filled with inspiration and works in progress it has become the home office space from heaven. With a beautiful view from each window, and sharing space with the old inhabitants (spiders, fat bumble bees and nesting birds and goodness knows what else) the tree house is actually balanced between three growing trees, and is so charming, I cannot for the life of me understand why it has taken so long to admit that it is a lovely working environment.

This is where Cabbages & Roses' winter collection is being imagined (a little late) but it just might be exquisite, given that it was imagined in paradise!!

Christina x


Dori said...

Sigh.... This is my idea of the perfect home office! Simply charming!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

You lucky, lucky thing. I'd absolutely LOVE to have an office like yours. *sigh* I love everything about the way it looks - and am so excited to see your new collection later in the year!


Calico Child said...

What a gorgeous work space, I bet your creation for the winter collection will be stunning what a great place to work in lucky you, enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

Great inspiration for me to sort my work space out. Thanks for sharing. Tess x