March Gardening with Christina

A magical spring day, full of happy coincidences:
  • Computer and all access to outside world ceases to work.
  • Emergency baby sitting duty sprung upon me.
  • Sad but efficient plastic greenhouse errected.
  • Seed order from the brilliant Sarah Raven arrives ( ).
So, for our blog and those of you who don't have a clue, here are a few gardening tips!

Rather than being a bore, a tiny child at your side whilst starting spring sowing, is a blissful and encouraging sight. My tiny grandbaby embraced the washing of the old pots with a solution of vinegar and water with gusto. He was also tasked with watering the seeds once planted into the clean pots - as you can see a job done with ease. It is never too early to teach children the wonder of growing things.

Many times I have planted seeds, tubers, bulbs etc and failed to label them, resulting in strange planting schemes and odd surprises. Important tip to new gardeners, be sure to label all seeds, you wont recognise nor remember what it was you planted in a month's time!

Old bulbs after flowering can be re planted in the garden for continual flowering in years to come, if you dont have a garden, allow the greenery to die down and dry out and give to a friend who does.

Happy gardening!!

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