The Trembling Lady

Not a real lady! The trembling lady has always been the nickname for one of London's most beautiful bridges, Albert Bridge, since it was built in 1873. This name came from the fact that it has always had a tendency to shake. The bridge was closed for maintenance and strengthening 22 long months ago and was finally re-opened at the beginning of last month. The local council have said ""The amount of work has been truly monumental with over 10,000bolts, 40,000 litres of paint and 1,000 tonnes of grit used duringthe restoration." Holly and I popped along to see for ourselves...

Albert Bridge was originally built as a toll bridge and these are the only remaining bridge toll booths in London.

There are still the signs on the toll booths that were to remind soldiers from nearby Chelsea barracks that they could not all cross the bridge at once because the old bridge would have started to shake.

The bridge has been completely repainted and its colours of pink, blue and green look beautifully fresh, however, I think that it has to be said that this bridge is at its most stunning at night, when over 4000 bulbs light it up.

x Jackie and Holly

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