Cabbages and Roses for Moda

Are you all aware that Cabbages and Roses design collections for fabric company Moda? They are fabrics designed for quilting, but are also perfect for a range of home made projects...below are some examples of things that we made out of our Northcote Range. Keep your eyes peeled for our new Athill Range which is due to be launched in March 2012. You can find out where to buy the fabric here. We also have a selection of the Moda collection in our own stores, along with C&R's own fabric remnants and sale fabrics, telephone 0207 352 7333 or email for more information.

Hope you feel inspired to make your own project!


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Donna Reyne' said...

These are both such lovely collections! I Finally found a store here in Indiana that carried your fabric designs for moda!
Love your new blog and look forward to future posts!