Holiday Stockings

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start making preparations. Homemade stockings hanging over the fireplace evoke memories of childhood Christmas mornings, waiting in anticipation to dig deep into your stocking to fish for oranges, gold coins and nuts amongst the presents.

We believe you are never too old for a stocking and the ritual of hanging a stocking by the fire adds to the holiday excitement. Homemade stockings come in all shapes and sizes, and our guide below gives you direction on how to make a similar one to the photo above. Recycling antique quilts that are beyond repair make for a wonderfully soft and textured stocking, and patchworking them with plain linens or delicately printed florals looks equally delightful. Hand embroidery is more time consuming but gives a unique and personalised finish, even if it is just the recipient's initials on the toe or top hem.

To make the stocking:

1. Draw a stocking shape onto pattern paper or parchment paper, and cut out a pair of stockings from the antique quilt, as well as a hanging strap (7 x 53cm)
2. Stitch the two stocking pieces together - having completed any embellishment to them already - leaving the top straight edges open
3. Fold over the top edge by 6cm to the wrong side and stitch in place
4. To make the hanging strap, fold it in half and stitch the raw ends firmly to the inside of the top hem
5. Hang your stocking by the fire and wait for Christmas eve...

Love C&R xx

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