National Tree Week...

Every year during the approach to Christmas, Edward Strutt, Christina's oldest son, salvages branches from the evergreen trees that his job, as a tree surgeon and forester, requires him to cut down. Not being a family to waste anything and keen to re-cycle what would otherwise be disposed of, we use the cuttings to decorate our shops at Christmas time.

This being National Tree Week, an annual event run by The Tree Council ( we thought we would dedicate some blog posts this week to our national treescape, and encourage our readers to see how they can contribute to what is such an important aspect in slowing down global warming.

The tradition of decorating homes and shops with greenery from evergreen trees, has been in existence since the Romans ruled most of the world. A chequered history followed, involving pagans and other religious and political figures declaring the frivolity and decoration of houses inside and out as a serious and sometimes criminal act! However, Queen Victoria and her Prince, Albert, settled the debate and their enthusiasm for Christmas decoration survives heartily to this day.

Langton Street

Avery Row

Cabbages & Roses, a traditional company at heart, always decorates the outside of their shops with rich and fragrant cuttings from western red cedar, norway and sitka spruce all beautifully festive with a heavenly pine scent. We like to think that we brighten the grey landscape of winter in the city, and give us a glimpse of the countryside. The Strutts, on behalf of Cabbages & Roses, will be starting a programme of tree planting during the next few weeks.

Edward from Woodscape of Bath is available to decorate exteriors of homes and shops. Telephone 07590 376 930.

Love C&R xx 

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