How to have flu - beautifully... Day 5

Keep cheery by focussing on a relaxing task...

Find a cosy corner and do some hand sewing and embroidery, such as initials on white french linen napkins in time for Christmas

Paint a watercolour

Send a beautifully hand written letter

Run a bath with Epsom Salts, lavender essence and any other unguents you can find, and relax after a busy day having the flu...

We hope you have enjoyed 'flu week' as much as we have, a very odd thing to say indeed but what a relaxing week it would be (without the flu of course)...

Love C&R xx


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed "flu week" so much I almost wish I'd get the real thing just so I'd have an excuse!

It's all very trademark C&R, that certain sensibility and way of going through life that I love so much.

Have you ever considered monthly book club/movie selections รก la Cabbages and Roses?

Cabbages & Roses said...

Dear Rayna

Thanks so much for your kind comments - we haven't as yet but will certainly bear in mind, it's always lovely to share our lifestyle with others, so watch this space!

Love, C&R xx