Winchester Styling Day

Yesterday Christina visited Jigsaw in Winchester to hold a personal styling event for C&R.  I turned up with the ‘good’ camera and captured some images of the sessions taking place over what turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable day.  We presently have a corner of the beautiful store and it was a real pleasure to meet our loyal customers, as well as the team in Winchester who continue to champion our little brand.

The day began for Christina a couple of hours before I arrived and by the time I got there the store was already a flurry of activity.  I was immediately presented with tea and cupcakes (yes, please!) and a warm welcome from the store manager, Sally, who looked incredible in her Cabbages outfit.

Christina attended to her personal appointments in between chatting to a stream of customers and we had some excellent feedback about the collection.  Everyone was (fortunately) very happy to be snapped and I got some lovely photographs – you can find the whole album on our Facebook page.  Victoria, Cindy and the other lovely ladies that joined us were all given a host of Cabbage tips by Christina.  Dresses were belted, shirts and jackets were layered and skirts were pulled and tweaked and twisted.  The store descended into minor chaos which was great fun and investment purchases were made not only for this coming winter, but the next, and the following, and then the one after that…

After lunch I took a wander down the high street and marvelled at the architecture in the city.  It feels very English and very grand; I took a particular fancy to the Butter Cross pillar which is close to the store and has an interesting history.  Erected in the 15th century, it was saved from removal to a private location in 1770 by a small group of rioting townsfolk, outraged that their monument was being taken away. It has remained standing there ever since.  The shops and cafes are all abundant with charm encased in their ancient housing, and with the market sprawled along the High Street we found a very buoyant, characterful town, and one in which we Cabbages felt very much at home.  We’d like to thank the team at Winchester for looking after us so well, and we hope to be able to visit again soon.

Love, Holly x

PS. We are hoping to hold another store event with Christina in the Edinburgh Jigsaw on the 1st December; we will provide more details nearer the time.  If however you are desperate for us to visit your local store, please let us know and we will try our best to oblige!


Charlotte B said...

I was in the Edinburgh store last week, but they had very little stock on display. Will you be showing more styles?

Cabbages & Roses said...

Dear Charlotte,

We have now allocated all AW11 stock to stores - I'm afraid we don't make very many pieces of each style and so it's difficult to get a large selection to all Jigsaw's.

However, we have the full collection available online and can ship very quickly - if you need any advice on sizing please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Services team or any of our stores.

Love, C&R xx